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So much fun, You would think it is illegal!!!

                                            Amateur radio the way it should be.....

America will be great again!  Make America work again!  Make America straight again!

Join us each evening  for a time of discussion about personal opinions, local weather, views on politics, current events and other friendly and interesting conversation.
Our 2 meter frequencies we are most always on are 146.925(-) 79.7 tone Mt. Pilot Repeater System in Manchester Kentucky as well as 146.550 simplex.
Listen for us on many hf frequencies from 160 meters to 10 meters each night.
For the most part we will be heard around 28.385.00, 7.298.00, 3.995.00, and 1.969.00
If your a crybaby, please take a pacifier and come on in...
If you want to join in drop us a line on twitter  or email us so we can tune in to where we all can talk!
We will try to post the frequency we are using on Twitter so that anyone wanting to join in the fun will know where we are.
This is NOT a CB Radio, please have the courtesy of utilizing amateur radio etiquette when using this powerhouse machine.  People everywhere are listening to you!  Amateur radio is a privilege and not a right.   Out of respect of  the repeaters owners we ask that you do not use this repeater as a trading net and refrain from the  'CB jargon'.  We worked to get a amateur license to get away from the foolishness of Citizens Band Radio. If you must use that kind of jargon then please go back to that band.


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